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THE EXCALIBUR GROUP, INC. is directly linked to the traditions and investigative procedures of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our team is comprised of former FBI Agents, career intelligence officers and other professionals. They are augmented by a worldwide network of contacts with extensive experience in complex investigations, civil and criminal litigation, executive protection, law, computer forensics, data protection, electronic countermeasures, as well as domestic and foreign intelligence. We are a single source, confidential and discreet, private investigative firm designed to meet the investigative needs and domestic and international intelligence gathering challenges of individuals and corporations in the 21st century. During this new millennium, acquiring fast, accurate and reliable information and business intelligence will be critical in the successful resolution of any investigative matter or management of businesses, both large and small. Our philosophy is simple: Quickly identify the needs of our clients. Design a plan for solving the problem. Collect pertinent information. Analyze it. Implement logical solutions. In other words, you ask the questions and the Excalibur Group provides the answers.

Ten Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

1. Skill
Although the role of a private investigator may look very simple on television, in fact, it is an art form that requires dedication and training. Most professional investigators, these days, have skills simply beyond following a car and taking photographs. Among other things, today’s private investigators need to know how to use overt and covert cameras to their best advantage, how/where to install GPS tracking devices, how to use specialized databases to obtain background information on a person, how to interview witnesses and write reports and how to undertake both threat assessments and risk management profiles. A true professional will continually hone his/her skill sets to remain sharp and current.
2. Experience Factor
When one considers all facets of investigative procedures, private investigators have years of experience on their side. He/she will recognize when a person is being deceitful, or if they’re going down the wrong track, The do-it-yourselfer, on the other hand, may not only waste time tracking down dead end leads, and getting nowhere, but also run the risk of inadvertently sabotaging the entire investigation in the process. Professional investigators have the knowledge and experience to successfully resolve the investigative assignment.
3. Investigative Procedure
The art of interviewing is not merely asking a lot of questions. More importantly, it involves the manner in which the investigator approaches the interviewee, to ask those questions. Another area of investigative procedure, involving businesses, is the step-by-step procedures necessary to meticulously follow the paper trail to uncover the various stages that a fraudulent transaction has taken, so that pathway can be carefully traced back to its originator. In this way, a business owner, who was the victim of a dishonest employee, can discover details concerning the loss to his company, and with the help of the professional investigator, build a case against that person.
4. Professional Credentials
Another huge advantage that private investigators have over the would-be novice detective, are their state issued, professional credentials. Since considerable time doing surveillance is spent sitting in vehicles, watching subjects and recording videos of their movements, neighbors and concerned citizens regularly call the police to check out the “suspicious” behavior of the investigator parked near their residence or business. However, if law enforcement does respond to the scene, the professional courtesy extended to the private investigator, likely will not be offered to the “do-it-yourself.
5. Potential Danger
Unless you are very familiar with private investigative procedures, you may be putting yourself in harm’s way, if you try to do your own investigation. The reason for this is that you’re probably not familiar with the intricacies of surveillance or counter-surveillance, and much more likely to “blow your cover,” early in the investigation. This exposure could very well lead to failure, when the subject you are trying to follow, realizes your presence and confronts you. This can prove to be foolhardy, especially if the person is confrontational or has criminal a background. It’s far more sensible for you to hire the services of a private investigator that has been specially-trained. In all likelihood, he/she has the experience and resources to go undetected throughout the whole surveillance process.
6. Technology
Investigative work involves very specialized and, at times, considerably expensive equipment. Unless you are a technical enthusiast, it is unlikely that you’ll have either the proper equipment or the knowledge to use it. A professional, private investigator, on the other hand, has first-hand experience on how and when to use this technology for maximum benefit.
7. Knowing the Law
Unlike you the “do-it-yourself” detective, a professional investigator is going to know the law and the proper way to gather evidence for possible court proceedings. A skilled private investigator will never take the risk of procuring evidence improperly, not maintaining the chain of evidence and/or violating the court rules of evidentiary procedure. You, on the other hand, may not know these procedures, and as a result, render evidence inadmissible and therefore valueless.
8. Recording Conversations
A common misconception, well known to the professional investigator but seldom known to the public, is the area concerning taping a person’s conversation. Many people think that they can hide a recorder or “tap a phone line” and then use the information they obtain in a court proceeding. This is not always the case, or worse, may be illegal. If you live in a “two-party” state like Florida, both parties involved in that phone conversation must consent to having it taped. It therefore is a violation of federal law, and subject to fines and imprisonment, if the other party is unaware they are being recorded.
9. Time
Any surveillance project or investigation undertaken by a private investigator can be very time-consuming. Assuming you have to work, as well as carry on your do-it-yourself private investigation duties, it is very likely you are not going to have sufficient time to manage an investigation to a successful conclusion. In this case, you’ll spend many hours on a project, only to find out it was a waste of your time, and more importantly, your money.
10. Legalities
You don’t want to unknowingly run the risk of running afoul of the law and you find yourself in trouble with the authorities. The last thing you want to happen is to go from being the innocent party, to being the defendant in either a civil or criminal case. So, when it comes to investigative work, don’t try to do it yourself. Instead, hire a professional, private investigator and sit in the comfort of your home while the private investigator you hired is doing what he/she does best – “investigating.”

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